Nordisk Akustik A/S

Nordisk Akustik A/S is supplier of sound insulation material to the industry. We offer a wide assortment of sound insulation- and vibration damping materials, which among others consists of:


  • MPM sandwich sheets in electric galvanized steel
  • MPM sandwich sheets in stainless steel
  • MPM sandwich sheets in aluminium
  • Vibration damping, selfadhesive sheets
  • Vibration damping spraying and filling compound
  • Sound absorbent oil- and waterproof, selfadhesive
  • Resonant absorbents
  • Bitumen products
  • Vibration damping for sandwich constructions
  • Combined floor- and sound insulation mats
  • Heavy sound insulation mats
  • Under floor materials
  • Step noise damping
  • Acustic non-woven tissue/filt
  • Acoustic wooden panels