Die Cutting & Water Jet Cutting

Nordisk Akustik A/S is supplier of sound insulation material to the industry. We offer a wide assortment of sound insulation- and vibration damping materials, which among others consists of:

  • MPM sandwich sheets in electric galvanized steel
  • MPM sandwich sheets in stainless steel
  • MPM sandwich sheets in aluminium
  • Vibration damping, selfadhesive sheets
  • Vibration damping spraying and filling compound
  • Sound absorbent oil- and waterproof, selfadhesive
  • Resonant absorbents
  • Bitumen products
  • Vibration damping for sandwich constructions
  • Combined floor- and sound insulation mats
  • Heavy sound insulation mats
  • Under floor materials
  • Step noise damping
  • Acustic non-woven tissue/filt
  • Acoustic wooden panels

The products are delivered in sheet or roll, but can also be punched if required. Vibration damping compound is delivered in buckets of 25 kg or in drums of 200 kg.

Standard materials are delivered within two days when ordering before 12 p.m. Die-cutted materials or special products are delivered within 2 - 3 weeks, or from stock after agreement.

Head office, sales, customer service:

Nordisk Akustik A/S
Niels Finsens Allé 86
2860 Søborg

Phone: 0045 39 66 00 33
E-mail: info@nordisk-akustik.dk
Web-site: www.nordisk-akustik.dk

Warehouse facilities::

Nordisk Akustik A/S
c/o JUMBO Transport A/S
Gammelager 1
2605 Broendby